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Sindecuse Museum


Shannon O'Dell


Shannon O’Dell, BS, MA

Shannon O'Dell works full-time supervising all Museum functions including managing Museum staff, addressing reference questions, collection acquisitions and development, policy development, Museum research and exhibits, facilities maintenance, finances and purchasing.

Adam Johnson
Collections Coordinator

Adam Johnson, MA

Adam Johnson is the lead technical collections staff member and is responsible for day to day management of the collections including registration, environmental monitoring as well as managing the museum database and digital assets.


Student Staff

The Museum routinely employs part-time University of Michigan students in on-going or short term projects. Our student assistants research, catalog and photograph or scan artifacts and documentary materials, maintain and plan new exhibits, and design Museum marketing and program literature. The Museum also encourages skilled volunteers to assist us with similar projects as workspace and supervision allows.

Caroline Schuitema

Sam Waldron


Caroline Schuitema is a master's student in the School of Information with an intended specialization in digital curation. She hopes to work in a museum after graduation in a role that uses technology to facilitate learning and make collections more accessible. Her responsibilities include cataloging and researching artifacts, collection data clean-up, and assisting with the museum's exhibition program.