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Sindecuse Museum

Dr. Gordon Sindecuse

Dr. Gordon Sindecuse, 1921

Yearbook photo of Dr. Gordon Hugo Sindecuse from his graduation in 1921. Click to view larger.

Gordon Sindecuse (1898-1993), graduate of College of Dental Surgery, University of Michigan, 1921.

The Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry at the University of Michigan was founded in 1991 with a generous donation from Dr. Gordon H. Sindecuse, a 1921 graduate of the School of Dentistry. Dr. Sindecuse was a Michigan dentist who practiced in Kalamazoo, MI for over 30 years.

As a practitioner trained between 1919 and 1921, Dr. Sindecuse and his peers did not have the advances in dental technologies and materials that are enjoyed by dentists today. Through his many years of practice he saw first hand the incredible strides made in the art and science of dentistry. Having lived through this dental evolution, Dr. Sindecuse recognized the important need to preserve and document the history of dentistry. His vision led to the creation of the Museum that bears his name.

Around 1993, Dr. Sindecuse wrote a memoir detailing his struggles and satisfaction as he worked toward becoming a dentist.

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