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Sindecuse Museum

Answers to Exhibit Questions

 Below are answers to questions asked in exhibit panels and the scavenger hunt questions given at museum tours:


How many bottles in the Toothpaste and Toothpowders display contain the word "dentrifice"? Sixteen.

In what time period did dental hygienists become a staple of the dental office? The 1930s.

What U of M graduate created his own X-Ray unit? What eventually happened to him? Thwaites; he was arrested for practicing medicine without a license, and died of cancer of the nose a few months later.

Who devised the most effective formula for amalgam? G.V. Black.

Where did Dr. Willoughby Miller teach before being offered the Deanship at the University of Michigan Dental School?  The University of Berlin.

What is the function of a Dental Lathe? Is it still used today? Polishing and shaping crowns and dentures; it is still in use today.

How much would it cost to go to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry’s hygiene program in 1928 for one year? $703.00.

What man died in his pursuit to stop the illegal use of vulcanite? Josiah Bacon.

Who discovered the anesthetic powers of laughing gas, and how did she/he discovered it? Horace Wells; at a party.

What was the first city in the nation, located here in Michigan, to have their water fluoridated? Grand Rapids.

What fundamental method of dentistry changed with the introduction of x-rays? Diagnosing problems with teeth.

When did St. Apollonia, Patron Saint of Dentistry, die (approximately)? 1,760 years ago (approximately 249 A.D.).


Answers to the scavenger hunt questions handed out on museum tours: