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Dental Hygiene

Time Commitment Calendar

Download Excel spreadsheet: Time Commitment Calendar.xlsx   

  • Evaluate your weekly availability for UM Degree Completion E-Learning
  • Use this calendar to see if you meet the weekly time required (18 hours)
    to successfully complete course work.
  • Evaluate your time and your priorities. Where will E-learning fit into your life?
1 am              
2 am              
3 am              
4 am              
5 am              
6 am              
7 am              
8 am              
9 am              
10 am              
11 am              
1 pm              
2 pm              
3 pm              
4 pm              
5 pm              
6 pm              
7 pm              
8 pm              
9 pm              
10 pm              
11 pm              

1. Place the following letters within the cells that coincide with these activities:

S = Sleep
W = Work, include commuting time
F = Family activities (children's school/athletic functions, parental care, meals, etc)
R = Recreation (regularly scheduled exercise, golf/bowling league, book club, etc)
O = Organizational activities (religious, professional, philanthropic, etc)
A = Additional activities routinely part of your weekly schedule

2. Identify the time you have available for the Dental Hygiene Degree Completion course work E-Learning Program. Total your number of E-L hours.

E-L = Dental Hygiene Degree Completion E-Learning Program