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Dental Hygiene

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What’s it all about?

At some point during this program, you might find yourself thinking…

  • This is one of the most enlightening, fulfilling academic endeavors of my life, and when a colleague asked what I’m learning in my program, and I wasn’t sure what to tell her.
  • I’ve learned so much…now what do I do with it?
  • Now I want more from my career…but I’m not sure exactly what, or how to get there from here.
  • I’ve been on this path so long, I have no idea how far I’ve come!
  • How can I demonstrate to my professors and employers that I have achieved all the competencies for my degree program?

Your portfolio is the place for thinking all this through!

ePortfolio Goals

  • Get an ever-evolving perspective of your education
    • Appreciate the breadth and depth of your growing knowledge
    • Draw connections between coursework and real world experiences
    • Explain how elements of your degree program can further your personal and professional growth
    • Identify new career goals
    • Recognize gaps in your current education in time to find field practice, courses, and other opportunities to fill them
  • Connect with peers
    • Give and receive insight about education and practice
    • Share tips on balancing coursework, career, and family
    • Developing a network with colleagues

ePortfolio Tools

At the end of each course, you’ll complete a portfolio assignment that incorporates the tools below. At the beginning of the next course, you’ll discuss your portfolio assignment with your peers. In the final course of the program, you’ll draw from these portfolio assignments to create a Final Portfolio that will serve as a look back over your education – and a look forward to your next steps in your career and/or education.

  • Reflections – writings that ask you to think about connections, summarize experiences, and say what they mean to you
  • Artifacts – samples of work, portions of assignments, etc. that demonstrate your skills
  • Competency matrix – a grid that lets you show where you achieved the competencies of the program.