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Dental Hygiene

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E-Learning Degree Completion Program (Online)

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Complete your baccalaureate degree by taking advantage of the University of Michigan Dental Hygiene Degree Completion E-Learning Program. It is a convenient and direct route to meet the challenge of today's advanced dental hygiene educational requirements. This program is 36 credits and is structured to be completed in six semesters (fall, winter, spring/summer) over two years. Establishing a community of learners enhances student success. When you begin the U-M Degree Completion E-Learning Program you will participate in courses throughout the program with a group (cohort) of students.

Is E-Learning Right for Me? Students find the flexibility an attractive feature. It is an ideal option for dental hygienists who want to continue working. In year one, participation may occur anytime of the day or night, four days each week. Keep in mind that a seven week "mini-mester" covers the same material as a 15 week semester. It is estimated that 18 hours per week will be needed for reading course materials, completing assignments/projects, and participating in online discussions.

During year two, Community II (field experience) and Practicum may be completed at locations convenient for the student. Students must have one work week day (Monday-Friday) available for scheduling these experiences. An online component is a part of both courses.

Personal Time Commitment: How much time do you actually have in your schedule? Use this calendar to evaluate the time you have available to study and participate in class activities.

Are You Ready for E-Learning? E-Learning requires a high degree of personal motivation and discipline. Complete the Test of Online Learning Success to help determine if you meet the profile of a successful E-Learner.

Technology Skills: E-Learning courses require participants to have a certain level of technology skill. A scheduled online computer skill test is a required component of the admission process. Before applying, take the Technology Pre-Assessment Quiz to help determine if you are ready to participate in an E-Learning program. If you fall short in any areas, local community colleges and adult community education programs offer a variety of computer courses.