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Periodontics and Oral Medicine

Areas of Focus

  • Bagramian, Robert, DDS, PhD - Collaborative efforts in the areas of epidemiology related to quality of life issues in oral health; research with Institute for Social Research on health disparities involving faculty and researchers from medicine, pubic health, social work, nursing, sociology and engineering.
  • Benavides, Erika, DDS, PhD - Structure and property characterization of the temporomandibular joint disc; TMJ imaging modalities; diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTI); advanced imaging modalities; radiation biology and oncology.
  • D'Silva, Nisha, DDS, MSD, PhD - Oral carcinogenesis: the role of ras-like proteins and galanin receptors in tumor growth and progression, focused on cell-matrix interactions as well as nuclear transport of proteins that induce transcription of genes that promote cell proliferation and invasion; identification of serum-based biomarkers for early detection of oral cancer using both basic cell and molecular biology approaches as well as translational/ patient data.
  • Eber, Robert, DDS, MS - Parathyroid hormone effect on regeneration of intrabony periodontal pockets in humans; anxiety and depression effects on healing and perception of pain after periodontal surgery; patterns of antibiotic usage and antimicrobial testing by general dentists and periodontists for treatment of periodontal disease; clinical trials of a sonic toothbrush, locally delivered antimicrobials, bone grafting materials; periodontal treatment in glycemic control for Type II diabetics.
  • Franceschi, Renny, PhD - Signals regulating the formation and functioning of osteoblasts, cells that produce and mineralize the extracellular matrix of bone, regenerate mineralized tissues for clinical use; controlling osteoblast-specific gene expression with particular emphasis on the roles of bone-associated transcription factors, cell:extracellular matrix interactions, and mechanical force in this process.  My research group is part of the Center for Craniofacial Regeneration, a University-wide center dedicated to the goal of conducting basic and applied research directed toward oral mineralized tissue regeneration.
  • Giannobile, William, DDS, DMS - The potential of novel methods of growth factor delivery such as gene therapy to stimulate periodontal tissue repair; clinical research to develop predictive markers of periodontal and peri-implant bone loss.
  • Inglehart, Marita, PhD - Oral health and quality of life issues, especially in children; educational research that focuses on gaining a better understanding of how to educate patient-centered and culturally sensitive providers who are open to interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Johnson, Lynn, PhD - Strategies for delivering media effectively and efficiency to students including podcasting and interactive patient simulations; evaluating digital asset management systems; educational World Wide Web products for dental students and practitioners; force-feedback dental surgical simulator.
  • Kapila, Yvonne, DDS, PhD - Underlying cell-matrix interactions that govern disease progression in inflammatory diseases, basic cell and molecular biology studies and patient/translational investigations; mechanisms by which matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) triggered by inflammatory disease-modulated-matrices may enhance osteoclast activity and diminish osteoblast differentiation; cell-matrix interactions that govern cell survival and invasion/migration of squamous cell carcinomas.
  • McCauley, Laurie, DDS, PhD - Hormonal controls of bone remodeling; parathyroid hormone (PTH), parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) and their dependence on the PTH-1 receptor and AP-1 transcription factors to evoke anabolic actions; the role of PTHrP in skeletal specific processes such as bone metastasis and tooth eruption; the dependence of sex steroids on actions of parathyroid hormones in bone.
  • Oh, Tae-Ju, DDS, MS - Dental implants (e.g., immediate implant loading, flapless implant surgery, guided bone regeneration); periodontology (e.g., local antimicrobial agents).
  • Richards, Philip, DDS, MS - Clinical decision-making; patient-provider communication; develop and evaluate new educational methodologies.
  • Stefanac, Stephen, DDS, MS - Oral medicine; treatment planning; developing patient case simulations.
  • Taichman, Russell, DMD, DMSc - Identify osteoblast-derived factor(s) that support hematopoiesis; mechanisms used by tumor cells to metastasize to the bone marrow; examination of genetic variability in genes that regulate tumor progression and metastasis; methods to identify and purify mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Wang, Hom-Lay, DDS, MSD - Periodontal/implant related clinical researches; utilization of barrier membranes, various bone grafting and techniques or growth factors in guided tissue/bone regeneration or tissue engineering; oral plastic surgery to enhance esthetics in natural dentition as well as dental implants.