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Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

Nan Hatch - Select Publications

Hatch NE, Li Y and Franceschi RT (2009). FGF2 stimulated expression of the pyrophosphate-generating enzyme, PC-1, in pre-osteoblast cells mediated by RUNX2. J Bone Min Res, accepted for publication, 224(4):652-662
Hatch, NE, Franceschi  RT (2009). Osteoblast Differentiation Stage Specific Expression of the Pyrophosphate Generating Enzyme, PC-1. Cells Tissues Organs., 89(1-4):65-69.
Hatch NE and Bothwell M (2008). “Crouzon Syndrome”, Chapter in Encyclopedia of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. Springer, New York, NY.
Hatch NE. (2007). Potential role of PC-1 Expression and Pyrophosphate Elaboration in the Molecular Etiology of the FGFR Associated Craniosynostosis Syndromes. Orthod Craniofac Res, 10: 53-8.
Hatch N, Hudson M, Seto M, Cunningham M and Bothwell M (2006). Intracellular retention, degradation and signaling of glycosylation deficient FGFR2 and craniosynostosis syndrome associated FGFR2C278F. J Biol Chem, 281(37): 27292-305.
Hatch N, Nociti C, Swanson E, Bothwell M and Somerman M (2005). FGF2 Alters Expression of the Pyrophosphate/Phosphate Regulating Proteins, PC-1, ANK and TNAP, in the Murine Osteoblastic Cell Line, MC3T3E1(C4). Connect Tissue Res, 46(4-5): 184-92.