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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Widmalm Lab Current Research

Dr. Widmalm's research has involved pain management in dental patient treatment, neurophysiology of the trigeminal system, functional jaw muscle anatomy, dental clinical use of electromyography, signal analysis applied to electromyographic and joint sound recordings, pathologic morphology of the TMJ as observed in autopsy studies, epidemiology of signs and symptoms of TMJ related dysfunction/disorders in children, signs and symptoms of TMJ involvement in JRA patients. He has assembled a PC based signal collection and analysis system with software developed in cooperation with researchers at Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science here in Ann Arbor and in Singapore supported by Ministry of Education, Singapore. Dr. Widmalm's special interest is in the progress of TMJ related dysfunction/disorders, prophylactic procedures and methods for early detection of signs and symptoms of TMD. The results have been published in 120 journal papers and scientific meeting reports. In education his special interest is in diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorder/dysfunction (TMD).

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