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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Kuroda's CV

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Kenichi Kuroda, Ph.D.

Department of Biologic & Materials Sciences
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
1011 North University , Room 2223
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Office: 734-936-1440
Home: 734-998-1433
Fax: 734-647-2110

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA , 2003, Ph.D. in Chemistry              
Thesis title: Thermally Responsive Polymers and Their Applications
Advisors: Profs. Timothy Swager and Toyoichi Tanaka
Kyoto University , Kyoto, Japan , 1997, M.Eng. in Biological Chemistry
Thesis title: Gelation of hydrophobized polysaccharides
Advisors: Profs. Junzo Sunamoto and Kazunari Akiyoshi
Kyoto University , Kyoto, Japan , 1995, B.Eng. in Polymer Chemistry
Advisors: Profs. Junzo Sunamoto and Kazunari Akiyoshi


University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Department of Biologic & Materials Sciences, Ann Arbor, MI
Assistant Professor, 2006-present
Research topics: Polymer antimicrobials, macromolecular drug carriers, cell membrane probes. 

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics,
Philadelphia, PA
Postdoctoral Research, 2003-2006
Advisor: Prof. William DeGrado

  • Synthesized antimicrobial synthetic polymers
  • Studied applications for antimicrobial materials and medicine
  • Characterized synthetic polymers using spectroscopic methods
  • Evaluated antimicrobial activity via biological assays

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics, Cambridge, MA
Graduate Research Assistant, 2000-2003
Advisor: Prof. Timothy Swager

  • Investigated new water-soluble conjugated polymers for sensing biomolecules
  • Synthesized conjugated polymers further modified with temperature-sensitive polymers
  • Investigated optimal reaction conditions for polymerizations
  • Examined solution properties by spectroscopic methods (NMR, fluorescence and UV absorption measurements)

Graduate Research Assistant, 1997-2000
Advisor: Prof. Toyoichi Tanaka

  • Developed catalysts using polymer gels
  • Studied volume phase transitions in polymer gels
  • Investigated metal ion absorption by polymer gels 

Kyoto University , Department of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto, Japan

Graduate Research, 1994-1997

Advisors: Profs. Junzo Sunamoto and Kazunari Akiyoshi

  • Synthesized hydrophobically modified polysaccharides and characterized them by spectroscopic methods and light scattering techniques
  • Investigated gel formation of the polymers in water by rheological methods


Kyoto University, Japan , 1997

Teaching Assistant

Laboratory instructor for undergraduate organic chemistry course  


Journal articles

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Review article

Meeting abstracts

  • Kuroda, K, and DeGrado, W. F. “Antimicrobial synthetic polymers: Amphiphilic polymethacrylate derivatives,” Polymer Preprints 228th ACS National Meeting, 2004. 

  • Kuroda, K. and Swager, T. M. “Thermally controlled aggregation of poly(phenylene-ethynylene)-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) block copolymer,” Polymer Preprints 224th ACS National Meeting, 2002.

  • Kuroda, K. and DeGrado, W. F. Patent Application “Antimicrobial Copolymers and Uses Thereof,” 2005