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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Kuroda Lab

Kuroda lab

Research Interest:
Dr. Kuroda's primary interest is to design and synthesize amphiphilic polymers/oligomers that can actively interact with cell membranes and use these compounds to understand polymer-lipid interactions by investigating the physical properties and biological activities of polymers in lipid layers. 

Research Topics:
Dr. Kuroda's laboratory will study the membrane-disrupting action of antimicrobial polymers and the translocation of polymers as potential drug carriers. He will also focus on the creation of fluorescent oligomer probes to examine the morphology of lipids membrane, which may also be useful in monitoring cellular activity and conditions. These projects will provide insight into polymer-lipid interactions, aiding in the development of polymers as alternatives for antibiotics or drug/gene vectors and as imaging agents for the cell membranes. This research is highly interdisciplinary, involving the fields of synthetic polymer chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry, and is oriented to the practical aspects of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications
Current Research


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