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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Krull Lab Publications

Recent Publications:

  • Sahin M, Greer PL, Lin MZ, Poucher H, Eberhart J, Schmidt S, Wright TM, Shamah SM, O’Connell S, Cowan CW, Hu L, Goldberg JL, Debant A, Corfas G, Krull CE, Greenberg ME (2005) Eph-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of ephexin1 modulates growth cone collapse. Neuron 46, 191-204.      
  • Krull CE (2005) Comm-ing across the midline. Nature Neuroscience 8, 131-132. 
  • Cramer KS, Bermingham-McDonough O, Krull CE, Rubel EW (2004) EphA4 signaling promotes axon segregation in the developing auditory system.Dev. Biology 269, 26-35.  
  • Eberhart J, Barr J, O'Connell S, Flagg A , Swartz ME, Cramer K, Tosney, KW, Pasquale EB, Krull CE (2004) Ephrin-A5 exerts positive or inhibitory effects on distinct subsets of EphA4-positive neurons. J. Neurosci. 24, 1070-1078.    
  • Krull CE (2004) A primer on using in ovo electroporation to analyze gene function. Dev. Dyn. 229, 433-439.


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