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Compliance is everyone’s responsibility

Compliance is a willingness to follow a prescribed course of action, i.e. laws, regulations, policies. In our University setting, compliance is not primarily about policing people's behavior; it is about understanding which standards apply to our activities and making sure we meet them.

Compliance is a job done by many people. The School of Dentistry has a Compliance Officer who works closely with other campus units, lawyers, and external entities who are concerned with our compliance efforts. Department administrators oversee compliance efforts in their areas of responsibility. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for compliance.

Compliance questions - if you are not sure how to report a concern, or if a concern is worth reporting, you may discuss it with the Compliance Officer who can offer guidance as to the most appropriate reporting mechanism

Mary Jo Gray, MBA, CHC, Compliance Officer
Room B305 Dent, 734-764-6986

Compliance Topics

Report a Compliance Concern

  • Emergencies and possible criminal behavior
  • Non-emergency suspected criminal activity
  • Routine compliance concerns
  • Specialized reporting mechanisms at U-M
  • External complaints, whistleblower protection

Privacy and Security

The Network Web Reporting System

  • National confidential, anonymous reporting system (leaving U-M site)

Policies and Procedures (MiTools)

Fraud and Abuse (U-M Health System)

Annual Compliance Agreement (pdf)

Conflict of Interest

  • Disclosure requirement
  • M-Inform