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Room Scheduling

How to reserve a room

The policies and procedures regarding room rescheduling

The calendar of all the rooms


Room requests are granted based on room availability.

It is best practice to send requests 5 business days prior to an event.

To make a room request, send an email to

In your email, please include the following information:


Unique name
Name of Event/Meeting
Expected Attendance
Room Preferences




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Request for rooms are to be sent to

For walk-in, there is a hard copy form.

Rooms should be booked in thirty minutes increments.

Priority for rooms is based on:

  • The order in which reservations are received
  • Number of people expected for the event

Reservations are made one semester at a time.  Below is the timeline for when the calendar opens for reservations:

The calendar for the FALL SEMESTER opens in July.

The calendar for the WINTER SEMESTER opens in November.

The calendar for the SPRING/SUMMER SEMESTER opens in March.

No reservations will be changed without proper consent from the contact person for the reservation.

If a room you wish to utilize is already reserved, it is your responsibility to contact the Room Scheduler to request the contact information of the current reservation.  You may then contact and negotiate the change in reservation.  If the change is accepted, the current reservation holder must contact the Room Scheduler to state the room change is permitted.

Weekend Events:

Groups holding events on Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday are required to fax a work request to Plant Operations for Custodial Services. Groups will be charged by Building Services for the amount of time required for all necessary clean-up. Arrangements for custodians must be made no later than two weeks prior to the event.

An alternative to hiring Custodial Services would be to assign a person to clean the tables, return the room to its original configuration, and empty the trash after your event. The trash must be taken to the basement and put in a yellow trash bin to the right of the vending machines.



The School of Dentistry's building hours are 7:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. 

Reservations should be made during business hours.

Reservations after 5:00pm need to have someone in the building/room prior to 5:00pm to guarantee access.  Once in the building/room, you are free to stay in the room after the building's hours.

Classrooms (rooms with card readers) remain unlocked until 7:00pm.  After 7:00pm, the rooms are only accessible to students, faculty, and staff with access through their M-Cards.

Conference rooms (G524, G536, 1397, 2397, 2310d) are not available after 5pm.  These rooms do not have a card reader on them, and they have to be manually locked in order to ensure safety.

Reservations made for weekend events need to have a School of Dentistry personnel on site.

Rooms are available to groups outside the School of Dentistry during regular building hours.

The Faculty Alumni Lounge (FAL) is not available to student groups without a faculty/staff member present.



The following items are prohibited in all rooms:

  • Alcohol
  • Candles
  • Decorations on walls and/or ceilings
  • Animals

The individual/group sponsoring the event must make arrangements for any tables, chairs and trash receptacles needed for the event.

Please DO NOT remove tables and chairs from conference rooms/classrooms/lounges to use in other rooms. 

Rooms need to be cleaned and arranged back into their original configuration at the end of your event.  Failing to adhere to this policy may lead to loss of room use at the School of Dentistry.

Failure to follow clean-up guidelines will result in charges for these services being billed to the sponsoring group's shortcode.

If spills occur on carpeted areas, it is your responsibility to notify Building Services at (734) 647-2059, 24 hours per day.

If a room is not properly cleaned or arranged in its original configuration (posted on the wall in each room) prior to your reservation, please contact the Room Scheduler so that the issue can be addressed.



The School of Dentistry Desktop Support will provide training and related support for classes and special events.  Training is provided best when scheduled ahead of time for a class or an event.  Training will be provided free of charge.

Equipment will be available to all users.  To access the audio/video equipment or to request additional equipment, the requester is required to make the appropriate arrangements with Desktop Support (734) 763-3318.

The 1029/1033 system runs through a touch panel display.  Users are encouraged to test run the system before they hold class in the space.  Please contact Desktop Support (3-3318) in advance of your event if you have questions about this equipment or would like a demonstration.

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Click on the room number to see the room's calendar.

Click on the seat capacity to see a picture of the room. Some of the pictures allow for a 360o view of the room.

B312a25Tables/ChairsDual Boot
B312b25Table/ChairsDual Boot
CAIDent Lab
42Computer LabPC/MAC
Kellogg Auditorium
225LectureDual Boot
G31126Tables/ChairsDual Boot
G322140LectureDual Boot
Wet Lab*
Simulation Lab*
G378142LectureDual Boot
G390135LectureDual Boot
G52410ConferenceDual Boot
G53615ConferenceDual Boot
G55094LectureDual Boot
G58032Tables/ChairsDual Boot
103342Round Tables/ChairsDual Boot
139712ConferenceDual Boot
2310D14ConferenceDual Boot
239710ConferenceDual Boot
Faculty Alumni Lounge^
30Conference/ReceptionDual Boot
Sindecuse Atrium*
100+Reception/Multi UseN

Chart with complete list of technology features for each room.

Dual Boot = Mac Mini or 20" iMac computer with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

For additional tables/chairs, contact Facilities Manager, Dorothy Smith-Fesl, at

*This room available for School of Dentistry reservations ONLY.

^The Faculty Alumni Lounge (FAL) is not available to student groups without a faculty/staff member present.

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