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Faculty Affairs

School of Dentistry and University Resources

The Need to Know Resource for School of Dentistry Faculty

This is an online manual of the many resources and contacts available within the School of Dentistry and the University of Michigan.  It is a useful tool for faculty throughout their career, from new hires to retirement.  (Download pdf, updated Sept 2013)

need to know resources

Download pdf:
Need to Know Resources for Faculty

Online manual contents:

  1. Dentistry Faculty Affairs
  2. Human Resources
  3. Compliance with Laws, Policies, Standards
  4. Wellness and Counseling Psychology Center
  5. Office of Patient Services
  6. Office of Academic Affairs
  7. School of Dentistry & U-M Teaching Resources
  8. Other Teaching Resources
  9. Pathways for Pre-doctoral Students
  10. Office of Research and Research Training
  11. Michigan Center for Oral Health Research (MCOHR)
  12. Dental Informatics and Innovation Communication Resources

University Resources

  • University of Michigan Faculty Handbook - Provides information and policies on Administrative Structure, Diversity and Nondiscrimination, Faculty Roles in Governance, Appointments and Tenure, Scholarship and Research, Teaching and Faculty Interactions with Students, Sexual Harassment, University Record, Privacy and Access to Information, Faculty Awards, Retirement and Emeritus Status and more.
  • Office of the Provost - Provides academic and budgetary policies, initiatives and guidelines.
  • University of Michigan Office of Research (UMOR)  - Coordinates all of the requirements and compliance issues for researchers at the University of Michigan.