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Faculty Affairs

Online Manual: Office of Patient Services

Bonnie Dawson, Clinical Services Manager
Room 1301 Dent
Office of Patient Services

Stephen Stefanac, DDS, MS, Senior Associate Dean


We can provide answers to any questions you might have about the School.  Really, our staff in 1301 either knows the answer or can direct you to someone who does.

Patient Services Units

  • Information Desk
    • reception and registration point for patients
    • collect patient billing information and take payments
    • greet and direct patients and visitors to their appointment
    • Information Desks on each floor are distribution point for wheelchairs
  • PAES (Patient Admitting & Emergency Services) Clinic
    • staff dentists, dental assistants, and radiology technicians evaluate, diagnose and treat emergency patients
    • evaluates and assigns new patients to the various levels of dental providers – predoctoral and graduate students, as well as faculty
  • Information and Appointment Office
    • often the first point of contact for our patients
    • the main telephone number for the School of Dentistry is answered here and calls are triaged appropriately
    • patients also request initial visit appointments, emergency appointments, and are pre-registered by this team
  • Patient/Student Monitoring
    • coordinate the activities of the student providers with the needs of the patient 
    • as patient ombudsmen, Patient Care Coordinators and their support staff work closely with faculty and students to ensure good patient management and completion of clinical requirements in a timely manner
  • Patient Business Office
    • financial counseling office for our patients 
    • staff meet with patients and providers to resolve billing questions, assist with insurance information, establish and monitor financial arrangements and payment plans
  • Central Records
    • Custodians of patient records and components of the electronic health record
    • Digital imaging functions which include: scanning records, importing and mounting radiographs, and completing requests to fix imaging
    • Process all duplication requests by providers, patients, or third parties
    • Maintain inventory of off-site patient records
  • Central Sterilization
    • two shifts accommodate the high demand for sterilized instruments and equipment
    • inspect and maintain instruments, report on quality issues for the instrument replacement process
  • Dispensing
    • sign instruments, supplies and consumables out to the student providers and check items back in when returned
    • maintain an inventory of clinical product
  • Dental Stores
    • run the central warehouse and supply operations for the School
    • deliver clinical supplies, deliver research/lab orders, send/receive lab cases, maintain inventory, replenish stock
    • maintain/repair equipment, order replacements
    • sort mail, ship and receive all goods coming to the School including overnight deliveries
    • clinic coats and laundry services

Other Patient Service Areas

  • Dental Faculty Associates - Need a dentist?  Our faculty and staff dental hygienists see patients within and outside the School.
  • Outreach Program - Our students serve the community through our outreach program.