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Global Initiatives in Oral & Craniofacial Health

Domestic and International Travel - Student Communication

(Days in advance of trip)
Pre-Departure Requirements
First Step

60 days

Externship Form: This form is to ensure the student is in good standing and to alert the appropriate UMSoD administration and faculty.
Second Step

45 days

Rotation Schedule Conflict: If a student has a conflict with their rotation schedule, the policy for what qualifies for rotation change and the request form need to be reviewed and completed.
Third Step

30 Days

Time Away Form: Time away forms needs to be completed for travel experiences and for all absences from the school. The absence policy and request links follow.

30 Days

Pathways Internship/Externship: Students wishing to complete their Pathways Internship/Externship through a travel experience must obtain approval.