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Dental Informatics

Qualtrics Survey Software

Qualtrics Survey Software

What do I need to know about Qualtrics Survey Software?

  • Qualtrics is web-based survey software for all UM Faculty, Staff & Students
  • Myriad of question types and logic for branching
  • Surveys can be distributed via e-mail and have automatic reminders to take the survey
  • Standard reports include counts, sums, mean/median/standard deviation, tables, bar graphs, and text responses.
  • Qualtrics is approved for HIPAA (patient) and FERPA (student academic) data.

How is Dental Informatics (DI)Supporting Qualtrics?

  • DI will create a Qualtrics account for you.
  • Excellent instructions (written and video) are available at
  • DI can provide an initial consult to get you started

Qualtrics Login

If you don’t yet have an account, contact Dental Informatics at 3-3318.