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Dental Informatics

Network Transformation

Progress Report: December 1, 2010

Currently the network transformation has wired all of the School of Dentistry.  This includes the hardware for all locations.  Wireless in the School of Dentistry has also been completed; this means that any university affiliated individual can connect wirelessly in the School of Dentistry using the MWireless connection.

There are a couple caveats:

  • We have a network that will be used for internal protected systems called MiDent Wireless, we will be using this to connect computers in our clinics to improve mobile computing
  • We are also restricted by our off-site data centers. These are served by a gigabit connection, thus restricting all connections to those locations to one gigabit.  We have a plan to consolidate all of these locations and when that happens we will be in one location, School of Information North, where our connections will not be restricted.

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