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Joe, Hannah and Phil Yancho at Hannah's White Coat Ceremony as she entered the School of Dentistry with the Class of 2021 in July 2017. (Photo courtesy Yancho family)

Yancho Family All About the Joy of Dentistry
Apr 17

Graduate prosthodontics residents and DDS students look at a 3-D image on a laptop as a handheld scanner is used to record the teeth of a student filling the role of a patient.

Dental students explore Prosthodontic Clinic's digital technology
Apr 16

From left: Dan Chiego, Dean Laurie McCauley, Christiane Squarize, John Le, Rogerio Castilho, William Giannobile and Tracy de Peralta.

Graduating seniors present their Pathways projects
Apr 13

Media Sample

Testing the installed font Roboto Condensed 300

Testing the installed font Roboto Condensed 300