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Dental Informatics

CTools to Canvas Migration


The University of Michigan is moving from CTools to Canvas for course management. Canvas was piloted in 2014/2015 by dozens of faculty and thousands of students, including some within the School of Dentistry. Starting in Fall 2015, campus is moving to Canvas on a larger scale.


  • How do I log in?
  • Why are we changing?
    • UM is moving from CTools to Canvas to take advantage of Canvas’s many advantages, including mobile-friendly interface, facilitation of group work, interoperability with other software, etc.
  • What are the advantages of Canvas over CTools?
    • Group projects
    • Peer review
    • Online secure tests
    • More sophisticated and easier grading of assignments
    • Integrates with external systems, like iClicker, Kaltura, LectureTools, etc.
    • Mobile-friendly, with apps, responsive screen formatting, and the ability to send announcements to SMS text instead of e-mail
  • When will my course change?
    • D1 and D2 courses will move to Canvas starting Fall 2015; D3 and D4 courses will move starting Fall 2016.
  • When/how will I learn Canvas?
    • A number of workshops are being planned for faculty and students. Training will be available before your course(s) are moved to Canvas. Watch for announcements of training dates.
    • Individual help will always be available by appointment.
  • Instructors: how hard will it be to convert my course?
    • Any materials existing in CTools will be converted to Canvas automatically.
    • Course support staff will help convert your course.
    • Instructors in the pilot report the Canvas interface is often easier to use than CTools.